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Pasta Federici

Federici pasta is premium quality Italian pasta that is made using traditional recipes and only natural, high-quality ingredients. This pasta is crafted with love and attention to every detail to guarantee the best taste and quality.

The Federici brand is known for its high-quality pasta products. The company was founded in Italy in 1888 and continues to use traditional pasta making methods. Thanks to this, they retain the best taste and texture that made Italian pasta a true classic.

Federici pasta is made only from natural, high-quality ingredients including durum wheat, water and a little salt. These pastas are created using traditional methods and closely monitored at each stage of production.

The Federici pasta production process starts with the careful selection of the best durum wheat varieties. Then the wheat flour is mixed with water to form dough. Next, the dough goes through special extruding machines to achieve the desired pasta shape. After that, the pasta is dried at low temperatures to preserve the taste and texture.

Federici pasta is a versatile product that can be used in various dishes. It pairs excellently with different sauces and additions. For example, Federici pasta can be used to prepare classic Italian dishes like Bolognese pasta, Carbonara spaghetti and much more.

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