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About Federici


The history of the brand creation and development

Federici represents a wide range of durum wheat pasta, as well as whole grain and gluten-free pasta produced by the Ameria pasta factory.

Production history

The Federici trademark was created in 1888 in Italy, and in the 1990s production was moved to Russia. Now the products are produced at the Ameria pasta factory (in the city of Kurchatov, Kursk region) using the same equipment and in compliance with all the same technologies as in Italy, due to which the quality of the products is not inferior to Italian.

Federici pasta is produced on modern Swiss (Bühler) and Italian (Fava) equipment.
Two Bühler lines produce long cutters and figured pasta. In total, the production volume is about 90 tons per day.
The Fava line produces only figured pasta in the amount of approximately 25 tons per day.

Making pasta is a rather complex and lengthy process that requires exceptional care, serious attitude and professionalism.

In 2019, the Ameria pasta factory became the first in Russia to launch the production of pasta from gluten-free raw materials, which was a significant step forward.

For the production of gluten-free pasta, an Italian automated line 'Pavan' was installed. The production process takes place in a separate building to eliminate any possibility of ingestion of gluten.

Among raw materials, we use corn and buckwheat flour, rice flour with the addition of amaranth and quinoa, as well as red lentil and chickpea flour. Federici's range of gluten-free pasta is constantly expanding.

Federici products are loved by both children and adults, and their huge variety ensures that you can definitely find the pasta you like.

Assortment of produced Federici pasta

  • Spaghetti,
  • Lumachine,
  • Fusilli,
  • Farfalle,
  • Fedelini tagliati,
  • Fettuccine,
  • Linguine
    and many more.

We use only high-quality raw materials and monitor their delivery and preparation in detail.

How is product quality controlled?

The Ameria pasta factory has introduced a system of strict quality control of products and production technology. We closely monitor that our products are of high quality in all respects. Namely, they should have a natural yellow amber color, be translucent to the light, retain their shape, and also do not break or stick together during cooking.

The production and technical laboratory, which is part of the factory, is responsible for quality control.

The laboratory controls:

  • the quality of the received raw materials in strict accordance with the standards and specifications;
  • the quality of the finished product;
  • compliance with the established technology at all stages of production;
  • quality of raw materials and products during storage.

Product certificates

The quality of our products is certified by AOECS for gluten-free food and GFSO. The production complies with the BRC international food safety standard.

The pasta factory "Ameria" has received the certificate "Roskachestvo-Halal" for gluten-free pasta Federici. This means that the products have been thoroughly tested and meet all the high international standards of "Halal" (Halal). The certificate indicates the reliability and hygiene of technological processes. Thanks to this, more and more consumers of various nationalities and faiths can trust the quality of the product, since there are no prohibited ingredients and additives in the composition.



Our products have many various awards, the most significant of which are presented below:


Silver medal

'Best Product 2023'

'ProdExpo 2023' Exhibition

Federici gluten-free Spaghetti No. 3 from green peas produced by the Ameria pasta factory

Gold medal

'Innovative Product 2022'

'ProdExpo 2022' Exhibition

Federici gluten-free brown rice spaghetti with amaranth and quinoa, produced at the Ameria pasta factory

The Grand Prix

'Best Product 2020'

'ProdExpo 2020' Exhibition

Federici gluten-free spaghetti and whole-grain penne rigate and spaghetti produced by Ameria pasta factory received the highest award

Gold medal

'Best Product 2020'

'ProdExpo 2020' Exhibition

Federici gluten-free penne rigate made from corn and rice flour produced by Farmo S.p.A. in Italy

Gold medal

'Innovative Product 2020'

'ProdExpo 2020' Exhibition

Federici gluten-free Spaghetti became the first in its category in Russia to receive an international certificate of conformity GUK-G-166 from the British AOECS society.

Silver medal

'Innovative Product 2020'

'ProdExpo 2020' Exhibition

Federici whole-grain penne rigate produced by Ameria pasta factory received an award for innovation in the composition of the product

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