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Federici №204 Fettuccine egg noodle nests, 200g

Made in Italy


Fettuccine is an Italian tape-like pasta about seven centimeters length. Federici fettuccine are made from premium flour with the addition of eggs and water according to a classic Italian recipe.
Traditional popular fettuccine-based dishes are alla papalina and alla chochara. Moreover, the best combination is considered to be pasta with Alfredo sauce in accordance with the recipe by a Roman chef who invented it in the last century. Fettuccine can also be prepared in various combinations: with cheese, meat, bacon, porcini mushrooms, vegetables and seafood.
It is enough to boil just a few nests of pasta, mix them with your favorite sauce – and a delicious dinner is ready!


Durum wheat flour, eggs (19.4%), water.

Energy value per 100g

369 kcal


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