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Federici Tomato pizza-sauce, 4250ml

Made in Italy



Tomato sauce for pizza is the most necessary ingredient for this everyone beloved dish.
The main role in the history of the classic pizza sauce was played by Great geographical discoveries. In 1493, Christopher Columbus brought tomatoes from America to Europe. Italians liked them so much that this delicious culture began to be cultivated in the southern regions of Italy — Campania, Sicily and Calabria. Later, the first Italian pizza appeared already in Naples in 1522 — a bread cake was covered with tomato sauce, topped with stuffing and cheese.
Federici Italian pizza sauce is classic, sweet and sour, with a bright taste of ripe tomatoes, hints of onions, oregano and basil.


Tomatoes, salt, refined deodorized sunflower oil, sugar, oregano, basil, onion, white pepper, acidity regulator: citric acid

Energy value per 100g

49 kcal


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