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Federici №23 Penne rigate gluten-free from Corn and Rice, 400g

Made in Italy


Gluten Free

Penne rigate gluten-free Federicic pasta was primarily created with care for the health of our gluten intolerant consumers. But this type of pasta can also be a great alternative for those who adhere to proper nutrition or simply want to diversify their daily diet. High-quality Italian Federici pasta, in addition to excellent taste, boasts a high content of nutrients.
This type of pasta is most often used in combination with various sauces, or added as a base to salads and casseroles. Italians themselves cook it with grated cheese and herbs.


Corn flour, rice flour, emulsifier: fatty acid monoglycerides and diglycerides, water.

Energy value per 100g

349 kcal


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