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Federici № 12 Linguine gluten-free from Corn and Rice, 250g

Made in Russia


Gluten Free

One of the main benefits of corn and rice pasta is that it is gluten-free. For such quality, products from this Federici gluten-free line are appreciated by adherents of a healthy lifestyle and people with gluten intolerance.
Our gluten-free long Linguine contain a whole range of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for your health. The original taste allows you to use it for cooking both traditional Italian recipes and many others. It goes well with chicken, mushrooms, seafood, fish, vegetables, soy sauce.


Кукурузная мука, рисовая мука, эмульгатор: моно- и диглицериды жирных кислот; вода питьевая.

Energy value per 100g

335 kcal


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