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Federici large whole olives ‘Bella di Cerignola’, 300g

Made in Italy


Gluten Free

In the southeast of Italy, in the Foggia province of the Apuglia region there is a city of Cerignola, which gave the name to one of the largest varieties of olives in the world – Bella di Cerignola (Ital. ‘Beauty of Cerignola’).

Bella di Cerignola green olives are one of the most popular varieties of table olives. Due to their attractive appearance in both size and color, fleshy crunchy fruit texture and savory taste, they are often used in the preparation of aperitifs, cocktails and snacks.


A bit of history:

Bella di Cerignola olives are also called ‘Roman’ olives. According to legend, they come from the Roman variety of olives ‘orchites’, which the Roman troops took with them as provisions on their long journeys. While the army was moving around the region of Apulia, olive stones fell to the ground during feasts and passes. Over time, they sprouted and, thus, this variety of olives appeared in this region.

Bella di Cerignola olives have a delicate taste and firm flesh, but what is most striking is their size, which makes this variety one of the largest in the world.


Whole olives, water, salt, antioxidant: ascorbic acid; acidity regulators: citric acid, lactic acid.

Energy value per 100g

144 kcal


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