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Federici №23 Penne rigate gluten-free from Red Lentils, 250g

Made in Italy


Gluten Free

Originally from Italy, penne rigate pasta in the form of short tubes with an oblique cut has many fans among connoisseurs of delicious and healthy food.
Federici presents a familiar version of pasta in a new format – made from red lentils. An excellent source of vegetable protein, carbohydrates and minerals without gluten. A tasty replacement will be appreciated by people with gluten intolerance, vegetarians and fans of a healthy diet. You can also try it just for a change!
Penne rigate pasta is good in combination with meat and tomato sauces, because the large size and ribbed surface of the pasta allows it to be completely soaked in the sauce. It is also great for roasting in the oven with cheese and fresh vegetables.


Red lentil flour, water

Energy value per 100g

347 kcal


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